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Lakewood Township's Zoning Board is set to consider an application for two new multi-family apartment buildings in Ocean Park Village off New Hampshire Avenue.

Application ZB 4283, which was submitted by East County Line Holding, LLC, (which is owned by the Schron family), seeks approval for the construction of 2, three-story multi-family apartment buildings consisting of a total of 16 units. Each multi-family apartment building will contain 8 units. According to the architectural plans, each apartment building will contain 3 one-story, two-bedroom units, 1 one-story one-bedroom unit, and 4 two-story, three-bedroom units. 

The site is on the south side of Pinehurst Drive in Ocean Park Village.

The site is located in the B-4 Wholesale Service Zone District, which does not permit multi-family uses. Therefore, use variance relief is required.

The project also requires a Use of density variance as a density of 33 units/acre is proposed, whereas the maximum allowable density is 15 units/acre.

The application further requires variances for Minimum Front Yard Setback (7.24 feet is proposed, 25 feet is required). Furthermore, a proposed balcony would have a front yard setback of less than four feet. Additionally, the application requires variances for Minimum Rear Yard Setback (10 feet is proposed, 25 feet is required), Minimum Side Yard Setback (10 feet is proposed, 25 feet is required), and Maximum Building Coverage (building coverage of 41.26% is proposed, whereas the maximum allowable building coverage is 40%).

The best part is that the application does not propose any new off-street parking spaces! Pinehurst Drive is a private road with existing head-in parking spaces. The site plans indicate simply that 4 new on-street parking spaces, including 2 ADA spaces, are proposed on Pinehurst Drive. Based on RSIS standards, at least 24.4 off-street parking spaces are required.

Oddly, the developer has not bothered to submit a traffic study, a site lighting design, or a complete landscaping plan. The application also does not include a Circulation Plan which would indicate if emergency vehicles can access the site.

The application seeks additional multiple design waivers, including from providing frontage on a public street as Pinehurst Drive is a private road, from providing a shade tree and utility easement along Pinehurst Drive, from providing sufficient street trees, and from providing a refuse storage enclosure.

The Board's next public hearing is scheduled for Monday, November 13. The meeting is open to the public.

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Anonymous said...

How can the applicant get away with giving 0 parking spaces?

Anonymous said...

Get out now why you can

Anonymous said...

Turning in Lakewood into Brooklyn. No parking there either. Absolutely ridiculous. And Lakewood is the poorest city in New Jersey.