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Rabbi Avi Schnall's campaign flyers which were delivered in today's mail called for "representation in Trenton who will fight for tuition relief money to alleviate the crushing burden on Lakewood families."

"Tuition relief money" sounds like vouchers.


Does Avi Schnall truly support vouchers for Yeshiva education?

If he truly does, why would he have deleted his old LinkedIn post in which he explained his STRONG OPPOSITION to vouchers??

In his post he wrote:

We've never advocated for funding that directly covers the Standard educational programs that our schools provide.

There's always a catch.

If the state is funding something, they may then decide to regulate how it is being provided.

If they cover the costs of the instructions, they can tell us what to teach and how to teach it and who can teach it.

Is it a risk we're willing to take?

The full post is below:

The original link is here. Below is what comes up when you try to open the link now...

Of additional interest is that Askanim have previously stated that there is extremely little legislative support for vouchers, and passage of such a bill is extremely low. Additionally, funding for any voucher program would cause an increase in our own taxes.

It's quite interesting that all of a sudden there is a re-invented support for vouchers.

Is he lying just to get your vote, just like a regular politician?

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Anonymous said...

He only got the blessing of the moetzes if he supports the vouchers which he spoke out against it, which ain't happening in jersey as long as the teachers union are opposed to it
just more empty campaign slogans to force the community into voting for candidates that are there to help the well connected and powerful while not helping the taxpayers at all. Vouchers will hike everyone's taxes up through the roof. Be smart vote republican

Anonymous said...

Why the obsession with Avi Schnalll

Common sense said...

What happened to Hakurahs Hatov for our elected officials? Isn't that why you said we need to vote for Murphy?
Avi is sooo full of it, he hasn't even made it to any office & is lying.
He appears to be running for all the wrong reasons. Let's vote Hakurahs Hatov to the Republican candidates.
Not sure why that Lakewood site was running many ads for Schnall on Monday.

Anonymous said...

What's with Avi advertising on that other site like crazy on Monday?
Just beyond the amount of ads he had.
Perhaps this is the only outlet which is responding to the swamp madness.

Anonymous said...

The VAAD, always deceived the Lakewood Oilum.

They only had their own interests in mind.

Why, why ?? Do Roshei Yeshiva get involved in the Political Shmutz?

When in doubt, always follow the money trail.

Al Pi real "DAAS TORAH" one may never vote for a Democrat as they are liberals, bent on destroying Yahadus.

It's ื™ื”ืจื’ ื•ืขืœ ื™ืขื‘ืจ.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize he's running as a Democrat.

What are his preferred pronouns?

Anonymous said...

All of your questions are answered with one rule, he's a liberal Democrat.

He together with Gary Schaer will have BMG institute like YU, the accommodations of the rainbow students.

They will again close all Shuls, Yeshivas for any Government whim.

Anonymous said...

If we ever get vouchers, the Yeshivot will just raise tuition to cover the voucher.
No net gain.

Anonymous said...

Reb Yisroel Newman doesn't have any idea about the elections, about the danger of Schnall, his history, etc. ืขื™ื“ื•ืช ืฉื‘ื˜ืœื” ืžืงืฆืชื”, ื‘ื˜ืœื” ื›ื•ืœื”

R' Yehuda Svei from Phily, knows nothing about the churban Schnall is capable of.

The other ones on the list have a history of being taken to the cleaners more often than not.