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The Jackson Township Council on Tuesday night voted to vacate roads in the parcel of land that they previously gave to Mordechai Eichorn as part of their land swap.

Prior to the vote, a resident demanded that newly instated Councilman Mordy Burnstein recuse himself from voting on the matter due to the fact that he runs a political action committee (PAC) together with Eichorn.

A political action committee (PAC) is a tax-exempt 527 organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaigns for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation.

Burnstein refused to recuse himself from the matter.

In November 2022, a new PAC called “United Ocean County" was founded by two women, Chanie Eichorn and Hadassah Burnstein. They are married to Mordechai Eichorn and Mordy Burnstein.

According to their filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, their mission and business purpose is "to support and promote business and community friendly policies, legislation, and regulations at, with, and to, local, county and state government in New Jersey." 

(Is that another way of saying "to stop anti-development efforts?"🤔)

This PAC got right to work recruiting donations.

According to their January 3, 2023 ELEC filings, United Ocean County had received the following contributions:

Malkiel Akhamzadeh, Strategic Equity Solutions $7,600

Jack Klugmann, Accurate Builders, $1,000

Richard Roberts, $30,000

Mordechai Sternstein, CT Management LLC, $7,800

According to their April 17, 2023 ELEC filings, United Ocean County received the following additional contribution:

Moishe Schwarzman, Schwarzman Export - import Co., $5,200

Moving on to their July 13, 2023 ELEC filings, United Ocean County reported a bank balance of $89,715.73. They also listed the following new contributions:

Chaim Brownstein, MWNJ Properties LLC, $10,000

Jean Cipriani, Rothstein, Mandell, Strohm, Halm & Cipriani, $2,000

TJ Earle, Earle Corp., $2,600

Leonard Faiola, Remington & Vernick Engineers, $5,200

Efrem Gerszberg, 2020 Acquisitions, $5,200

Mordechai Gottlien, Fellowship Warehousing and Logistics, $1,000

Dov Green, PC Consulting LLC, $10,000

Eric Halpert, Haler Consulting, $1,000

Moe Heinemann, 1135 Holdings LLC, $11,000

Douglas Klee, Owen, Little & Associates Inc., $2,600

Arie Kotler, Arko Holdings LLC, $5,000

Richard Roberts, $10,000

Ahron Rottenberg, Dera Management LLC, $1,000

Joshua Schmuckler, NewLines NJ LLC, $2,600

Robert Shea II, R.C. Shea & Associates, $5,200

Josh Vann, Gut Vann LLC, $2,000

(Fun fact: The professionals listed here include those who were reappointed to the Planning Board - on which Mordy Burnstein sits - after contributing donations to United Ocean County.)

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Yisroel R said...

And this is how the games begin unbelievable how us Jackson Jewish residents will allow this to happen

Yisroel R said...

And this is beginning of the game that will be played it’s unbelievable that we Jewish Jackson residents are allowing this to go on