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Beis Din Beis Yosef has just issued a siruv against additional tenants of Prime Apartments in Lakewood after they ignored three hazmanos, FAA News has learned.

The landlord has extended numerous attempts to adjudicate the tenants' concerns in Bais Din, however the tenants refuse to go to Bais Din.

Yisrael Mordowitz has refused to respond even after three hazmanos. Accordingly, Beis Din Beis Yosef has just now issued a siruv against him.

Apparently, the tenants are claiming that the leadership of Beth Medrash Govoha feels that the Bais Din system is corrupt and that the proper venue for them is court.

As previously reported here on FAA News, apparently, the tenants are even claiming that the leadership of Beth Medrash Govoha permits them to attempt to dump criminal charges on the landlord.

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Anonymous said...

Is the leadership of BMG perhaps afraid of the Bais Din system?

Anonymous said...

Leadership of BMG????

Aren't you aware that Reb Ahron and Reb Shneuer were niftar.

Since then there is no leadership at BMG.

Since Reb Dovid Feinstein was Niftar there is no leadership at Moetzes.

Wake up-It's all run by those that hijacked the holy Organizations.

Anonymous said...

The true owner of Bais Yosef Bais Din says there are no Hazmonahs or siruvim that were authorized.

They are to be ignored.

It might even be a plus on their resume, to ignore fake Hazmonahs and fake siruvim.

Anonymous said...

What makes someone the true owner?
Beis DinB eis Yosef-Boro Park has been ran and owned by the same person for the past 30 years or so.
Yudel Shain lost a din torah by his chosen beis din-Beis Yosef, hence his campaign against them.
As an aside any 3 people can issue hazmanah the fact the name on the stationary is wrong would not in any way patur someone from responding

Anonymous said...

The owner of the Bais Ysef name including the Bais-Din, is Rav Joffen.

Rav Joffen gave a power of attorney re: Bais Yisef Bais Din to Reb Yudel Shain, that's why he is the de facto in charge.

Anonymous said...

If the name is false, it's considered מזויף מתוכו.

come on! said...

Did yudel shain give permission to Rav Yosef Cairo to use the name Beis Yosef?
Or to the multitudes of shuls yeshivas etc. with that name?

Anonymous said...

The Halacha is that we are הולכין אחר הנתבע. They were and are willing to pursue this in Lakewood batei din, but Brach wants to do it in Williamsburg where he controls what goes on.