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A portion of Park Avenue will receive new No Parking signs.

The former LCSW offices are now being used for a child care center.

To ease traffic congestion in this area during drop off and pick up time, Lakewood's Township Committee has just enacted new parking restrictions along the west side of Park Avenue, from the prolonged curb lines of Park Ave and Bruce Street and extending in a southerly direction for 190 feet.

Ordinance 2023-039 makes this portion of the road into a Loading/Unloading zone. Parking will be restricted at all times.

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Kesef yaane hakol said...

This will leave even less parking for the Lakewood cheders non existent hall in the greater building with insufficient parking and a load of variances because there's no hall in the building.

Anonymous said...

how do i get the township to that for my block?

Anonymous said...

I would like that for my street as well. The school has insufficient parking for daily activities and now has started running a illegal hall as well.

Anonymous said...

Was this another perk for Wenger for endorsing Schnall?

Anonymous said...

no parking ?? i dont think Lakewood police ever gave out a parking ticket ... they are just an FYI

Anonymous said...

The Lakewood police have a very large fenced parking lot on lexington and third & 4th st, yet they always take away parking spots in the municipal lot, all township employees should use that lpd lot and leave the municipal lot for others.