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Anonymous said...

I just spoke to someone very Close to rav eli ber . I didn't ask him anything. He told me himself that he was very worried about the effect any of avis ideas may have on chinuch in nj. Had he known he wouldn't have signed. I asked if he is choizer . He said not openly.

Anonymous said...

The rosh yeshiva wrote a very strong letter against the ones that are anti voting in lakewood they want everyone to vote . Please anyone that knows people that are anti voting in lakewood Please let them know

Anonymous said...

The Code of Jewish Law is that even even the current qualified Rabbonim tell someone that the right is actually the left "OR" if he says that the Left is actually right, "then one is obligated to follow".

BUT, if the Rabbonim consistently say that right is left "and" left is right, etc. Then one may not follow their directives.

If you don't understand, study it again.

Anonymous said...

The saying goes, "Nuhr a kuzah geit nisht tzu'rik".

Anonymous said...

אשר נשיא יחטא, אשרי הדור שהנשיא מודה שעשה טעות וכו'
Our generation was not with that.

Anonymous said...

Rabbonim that consistently say right left and left is right, are just very confused individuals.

As Rambam states, the fact that many have the same opinion, does not make that opinion correct.

Rambam states further, The fact that very few individuals state their opinion, does not mean that their opinion is not the correct one.

Anonymous said...

This the first time that anyone can remember, that the Roshie Yeshiva had to attack the opposing voters. We're told it's only a few noisy guys who are not buying in Avi and the Achdus propaganda. Why the need of such a strong worded letter? What are they worried? We're told they have it the bag and Avi is already celebrating. Are they worried there are still some free thinking people? Or they're just ill advised, as they are with the entire campaign - promoting of a Democrat who in the past pushed things against our interests and values?

Circle said...

Daas Torah must remain resolute in our holy mission of keeping toaivah marriage, abortion on demand and antisemitic crime alive and robust.
To think some would vote against a Democrat just to uphold archaic morals are fools.
Vote pro toaiva marriage, that's the Torah way!