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Curious minds noticed some troubling things going on with Ian Goldman's application to retain his $105,000 position as Municipal Prosecutor to the Township of Lakewood.

Said curious minds are now wondering if the Township officials will be paying attention or if they will deliberately close their eyes to the situation....

The Township contracts out the Municipal Prosecutor position on an annual basis. Ian Goldman was first appointed to the position in 2018. He has been reappointed annually ever since.

The municipal prosecutor is quite an important and prestigious position. Pursuant to state statue, a municipal prosecutor represents the State, the county or the municipality in the prosecution of all offenses that are adjudicated in the municipal court.

A municipal prosecutor is responsible for handling all phases of the prosecution of an offense. More importantly, a municipal prosecutor may at any time move before the municipal court to amend or dismiss any complaint for good cause shown in accordance with the Rules of Court.

In Lakewood, the municipal prosecutor also provides advice to the police department's records department regarding compliance with discovery requests, as well as provide legal advice to the police department concerning law enforcement matters.

Ahead of the Township's annual reorganization meeting when the Township Committee will appoint the prosecutor, Mr. Goldman has just submitted his application to retain his $105,000 position.

In his "letter of qualification," Mr. Goldman affirms "that the contents of our proposal are factual and complete to the best of our knowledge and belief and that the proposal is submitted in good faith."

Similarly, in his "letter of intent," Mr. Goldman confidently assures the Township that his application "contains accurate, factual and complete information.... and that is has been prepared and submitted in good faith and without collusion or fraud."

Well ... let's check the records...

Question #1 asks for the names of the candidates for the position. His answer is Ian Goldman and his associate Matt Borriello.

Questions #3 and #4 ask for his 3) references, record of success of same or similar service, and 4) ability to provide the services in a timely fashion. His answer to both questions is "see resume attached."

Question #7 asks "History of vendor's background and history, including office location and the proximity to the Township of Lakewood, the number of years in business, the scope of services currently provided to municipal clients, and financial stability and strength."

Question #8 asks "Knowledge of the Township of Lakewood and the subject matter to be addressed under the contract."

His answer to both questions #7 and #8 is "I was born and raised in Lakewood."

Oddly, the resume provided does not include any references as requested in question #3, nor does it answer many of the parts of question #4.

More oddly, a resume is only provided for Ian Goldman, and not for his associate Matt Borriello.

Curious minds wonder if these answers do indeed comply with the "complete application" his Letter of Qualification and Letter of Intent say he submitted.

What's going on here? Does Ian have something to hide? Why isn't his application complete?? Is his only qualification that he was "born and raised in Lakewood?"

All eyes are now on the Township Committee to see if they will deem this application disqualified...

Members of the public may submit opposition to Ian's application in the form of public comments which will be read during the Committee's reorganization meeting which will take place on Monday, January 1, 2024 at 12:00pm.

Comments may be sent via email at at least 6 hours prior to the meeting or during the committee meeting at

Comments may also be submitted live during the meeting by calling (408) 418-9388. The meeting ID/Password will be available on the Township's website with the posted agenda which can be found on the home page All participants will be muted upon entry to the meeting but may participate by dialing *3 on your phone to be recognized during the public portions of the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Ian is a known drunk.

He is also a massive politician, his friends receive better plea deals.

Been there, done that said...

He's relying on his father's laurels. Buddy was a good solid guy.
Ian? Eh. Not so much.