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Lakewood resident Linda Engelmann-eager has just filed a personal injury lawsuit following her fall at Dollar Tree in Lakewood Madison Plaza, FAA News has learned.

The suit names as defendants Dollar Tree Stores, as well as Lakewood Madison Plaza LP and AJH Management LLC, which are both managed by Asher Handler.

According to the complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County by Toms River Attorney Matthew V. Futerfas, Esq.:

On February 2, 2022, Rose Court, Lakewood resident Linda Engelmann-eager was lawfully on the premises located at 1700 Madison Avenue when a "dangerous and hazardous... on the property... caused her to sustain injuries."

Dollar Tree Stores, Lakewood Madison Plaza LP and AJH Management LLC are the owners, or were in control and operation of, the premises. They were therefore responsible for the construction, remodeling, maintenance, repair, management, supervision or upkeep of the premises.

However, they negligently and carelessly allowed a dangerous and hazardous condition to exist on the property or failed to warn of same which caused Plaintiff to sustain injuries. 

Defendants also negligently hired, trained, supervised, and/or managed its agents, servants and/or employees, which negligence was a proximate cause of plaintiff’s injuries.

Finally, Defendants, through their agents, servants and/or employees contributed to plaintiff’s injuries by failing to provide adequate security, to properly secure the subject premises, and/or to eliminate conditions on the property that encourage criminal or other behavior that could foreseeably lead to bodily injury, and/or failed to warn of same.

As a direct and proximate cause of the foregoing, Plaintiff was caused to sustain serious and permanent injuries, has suffered great pain, shock and mental anguish and was and still is incapacitated and will be permanently disabled and has in the past and will in the future be caused to expend substantial sums of money for needed treatment.

The suit demands a trial by jury on all issues.

The complaint demands judgment against all defendants, jointly, severally or in the alternative, for damages, together with interest, costs of suit and attorney’s fees.

The defendants have 35 days to answer the complaint.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't it explain what happened to cause the injury? What was the plaintiff doing? What was the area like, Wherr did the injury occur etc. ? Articles like this with no details are just silly attention grabbers.

Anonymous said...

Asher Handler is a tzaddik

joe said...

parking rules need to be enforced. when the lazy people park all along the front of buildings it creates a narrow passage for the 2 way traffic left to go around them and also limits visibility of pedestrians crossing from stores to parking lot. The previous owner used to have security guards to make drivers move along. This is a no standing fire zone. local police should ticket offenders. Rules are not meant to be broken,