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The Jackson Township Council held their annual reorganization meeting on Tuesday.

Jennifer Kuhn was appointed Council President. Scott Sargent was appointed Vice President.

It's a new generation now as this panel is allied with Mayor Mike Reina.

They are replacing Stephen M. Chisholm, Jr and Nino Borrelli, the former Council President and Vice President respectively.

At first, a motion was offered to appoint Scott Sargent as president. Mr. Borelli and Mr. Chisolm supported the motion. Mr. Burnstein, Ms. Kuhn, and Mr. Sargent rejected the motion.

At that point, Mr. Sargent offered a new motion to appoint Jennifer Kuhn as president. Mr. Burnstein offered a second to the motion. Only Mr. Borrelli rejected this appointment.

A motion and second was then offered to appoint Mr. Sargent as vice president. Only Mr. Borrelli rejected this appointment.

The firm of Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, and Connors was reappointed Township Attorney. Brent Pohlman Esq. was reappointed Special Counsel for RLUIPA related issues.

Steven A. Zabarsky Esq. of the firm Citta, Holzapfel, & Zabarsky was reappointed municipal prosecutor.

Robert C. Shea Esq. of the firm R.C. Shea and Associates was reappointed public defender. Joseph M. Champagne Jr. Esq. was reappointed alternate public defender.

The firm of Dasti and Staiger was appointed Special Labor Counsel.

Kevin Riordan, Christopher Dasti, and Jean Cipriani were appointed Special Legal Counsel.

T&M Associates was reappointed Township Engineer. Remington Vernick Engineers was reappointed Township Planner.

Boro Engineering, Colliers Engineering and Design, and Morgan Engineering were reappointed as Special Project Engineers.

Moshe Heiman was appointed an alternate member to the Zoning Board. He is the second frum resident to be appointed to the Zoning Board. He will fill Raymond Lovacco's vacated seat.

Moe Heinemann was appointed police chaplain, alongside Rev. Dan Schaefer.

Yoel Tesser was appointed to the Emergency Services Advisory Board.

Councilman Mordy Burnstein was reappointed as the council liaison to the Planning Board.

Not reappointed was Eleanor Hanum who was ousted from the Rova Farms Advisory Board, and Clara Glory who was ousted from the JTMUA.

Council members spoke up, confidently assuring Town residents that 2024 will be "the year" for Jackson Township!

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