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The Jackson Township Zoning Board of Adjustment held their annual reorganization meeting on Wednesday night.

Moshe (Moe) Heinemann joined the Board as an alternate member. He was just appointed by the Township Council to fill the seat vacated by Raymond Lovacco.

Mr. Heinemann is the second frum member to be appointed to the Board, after Shira Parnes was appointed a few months ago.

The Board voted to reappoint Attorney Ryan Murphy Esq. of Gertner Murphy LLC as board counsel.

The Board has been served for the past number of years by Engineer Evan Hill of EDH Engineering and Traffic Engineer / Planner Ernie Peters of Remington & Vernick Engineers.

However, led by Board Member Greg Stafford-Smith, the Board tonight decided to change course.

The Township previously solicited proposals for the positions of Engineer, Traffic Engineer / Planner, and Conflict Engineer for the Zoning Board.

The Board tonight decided to reject all the proposals received for these positions and request that the Township publish new Request for Proposals for these positions.

In the interim, the Board consented to reappoint Mr. Hill and Mr. Peters temporarily until they complete the rebidding process and appoint new professionals.

The Board's votes on the matter was unanimous.

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Anonymous said...

Greg staffordsmith is on lakewood republican club deciding who gets in the ballot when he doesnt live in lakewood and is serving in his home town jackson on some boards
He is in violation of the lakewood republican club bylaws

We need to make sure people involved in setting policy for lakewood are lakewood residents and represents out interests

Like non locals on lakewood MUA. Planning and zoning boards etc...

Anonymous said...

Great lets take over every board and club turn it frum and build whatever we want whereever we want and then our neighbors will really love us.

We took control of all lakewood boards and now we half way thru jackson and just started with toms river. Way to go!!