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Lakewood Township's Planning Board is set today to consider an application for a new office building with a significant parking variance.

Curiously, the developer's notice to the neighbors does not expressly state the scope of the variance request.

Application # SP-2515 was submitted by YJ BSD 545 LLC, which is owned by Yossi Jacobowitz.

The proposed site is 545 West County Line Road which is located in the OT (Office Transitional Zone).

The applicant is seeking Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval to construct a three-story office building on the site which is currently occupied by an existing one-story frame dwelling. As depicted on the Architectural Floor Plans, the proposed building will contain 10,400 sq feet of office floor space.

Access to the building will be from ground level with off-street parking under the upper floors. The proposed second and third floors will be utilized as office space.

The site has frontages on the east side of Cedarview Avenue, the north side of West County Line Road, and the south side of Kennedy Boulevard West.

Sidewalk does not currently exist along the property's West County Line Road or Cedarview Avenue frontages, but is proposed with this project.

The entire site is an almost rectangular shaped parcel that totals about 22,000 sq feet or roughly 0.51 acres in area.

The site is in the OT Office Transitional Zone. Offices are permitted in the Zone. However, a number of variances and design waivers are being sought for this proposed development.

Variances include Minimum Rear Yard Setback (8.47 feet where 15 feet is required), Maximum Building Coverage (25.6% where 25% is the maximum).

Additionally, a variance is being requested to provide only 41 off-street parking spaces where 52 spaces are required.

The proposed access to the site would be provided by a two-way driveway 24 feet wide from Cedarview Avenue. Proposed circulation through the site would be in a one-way counterclockwise direction.

The Ordinance requires 1 space for every 200 sq feet of office area in the Office Transitional Zone. Therefore, the 10,400 sq foot of office space requires 52 parking spaces. However, only 37 actual spaces are proposed; of these 4 would be electric vehicle spots, therefore, the electric vehicle credit increases to 41 the number of proposed off-street parking spaces.

Importantly, the Board Engineer has noted in his review letter that "a number of proposed stalls shown on the plans cannot be accessed without conflicts."

Additionally, the application seeks relief from providing the 25 foot buffer which is required for non-residential development, as well as from providing street trees.

A Traffic Study has been provided for review. We note the following:

a. The proposed Cedarview Avenue site access will operate at the level of service “A” during both the AM and PM peak hours for the 2033 future post development traffic volumes.

b. The County Line Road West intersection with Cedarview Avenue will operate at level of service “E” and “D” during the AM and PM peak hours, respectively, under 2033 traffic volume conditions.

c. The Clearview Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard West intersection has not been addressed.

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