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Just weeks ago, Moshe (Moe) Heinemann was appointed by the Jackson Township Council to a police chaplain position, alongside Rev. Dan Schaefer.

The Council is now set to give Heinemann a second political appointment in the Township - the "resident" position on the Jackson Township Safety Committee.

This appointment will be for a one year term.

Heinemann, who works at FellowShip Warehousing & Logistics, has a long history as a volunteer in Lakewood. He has been a member of Lakewood Office of Emergency Management since January 2008, a member of Lakewood First Aid and Emergency Squad since October 2008, and a member of Central Jersey Hatzolah since June 2021.

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1 comment:

y ch said...

Check what happened to NY
Take heed while you can.
What the askunim cared mainly for was getting gelt.Well,they got some.
It was ok to trade willingly everything else,all other concerns,for that. Now they have reaped what they sowed.With eventually downtrend.
Your askunim will up to the same too