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Tzvi Herman served as Chairman of the Jackson Township Planning Board for the past year.

Tonight, however, at the Board's annual reorganization meeting, the Board unanimously voted to replace him with Dr. Michele Campbell.

Dr. Campbell served last year as vice chair. The Board now voted unanimously to appoint Joseph Sullivan to fill that position for 2024.

After Dr. Campbell was appointed by her colleagues, former chairman Herman stated, "I'd just like to say that working with Dr. Campbell this past year has been incredible and I don't see anyone here more deserving than Dr. Campbell who works very hard and always does get research before she comes and I'm looking forward to a great year."

Robert Shea Jr. - who took over as Board Attorney in 2023 - was unanimously reappointed for 2024.

Unanimous votes also confirmed the reappointment of Doug Klee, of the firm Owen, Little and Associates, Beachwood, as the board’s engineer, Ernie Peters, of the firm Remington and Vernick Engineers, Toms River, as the board’s planner and traffic engineer, Laura Morrison, as the board's secretary, and Irina Darrar as the recording secretary.

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