Bet Yaakov Oz Vehadar has just closed on the purchase of a property on Joe Parker Road.

The closing amount was $5 million.

Migdal Bais Yaakov, located at 541 Joe Parker Road, is a girls seminary which last year received Planning Board approval to change the use of a residential dwelling into their school for 25 students.

Back in 2023, Migdal Bais Yaakov received approval from Lakewood Township's Planning Board for construction of 2 school buildings.

Application SP 2498 was for construction of an approximately 27,263 sq foot, 2-story building plus a finished basement for a seminary with a dormitory for 200 students, and a gymnasium, and pool.

Application SP 2499 was for construction of an approximately 16,572 sq foot elementary school building for 675 students, with a gymnasium and pool.

This application was presented to the Board just after Ocean County Superior Court Judge Marlene Ford overturned the Board's approval of Yeshiva Toras Chaim's dormitory expansion, saying that the Township Committee does not permit dormitories in residential zones, therefore the Planning Board lacks jurisdiction to approve this non-permitted use. 

Board members pushed back against approving Migdal's application, noting that it went against Judge Ford's ruling.

However, as previously reported here on FAA News, Board Attorney John Jackson Esq. absurdly strong armed the Board into approving the application.

Why did Mr. Jackson strong-arm the Board on this matter?

Because, as previously reported here on FAA News , Mr. Jackson revealed to Judge Hodgson that he has been pushing the Board to ignore Judge Ford's ruling and continue to approve dormitory applications simply because "the Township governing body wants the Planning Board to still have jurisdiction to approve dormitories as an accessory use!"

Bet Yaakov Oz Vehadar has just now closed on the purchase of one of these properties.

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