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Congregation Chateau Sfard's new building on Pine Boulevard in Lakewood is fully constructed and looks stunning. Not as stunning is that the contractors have not been paid for their work. They now filed a contractor's lien against the shul, FAA News has learned.

Atlantic Site Construction did tree clearing, excavation, and utility installation work for the shul. They were contracted by Builders Supreme to do this work.

Atlantic has now placed a Construction Lien against the shul for the unpaid balance of $51,433.49.

Construction liens provide a potent remedy for contractors, subcontractors and vendors, who have not been paid for work they have properly performed.

A construction lien gives the contractor an interest in the property. It is generally difficult or impossible for owners to sell property when there is a construction lien. This gives owners a powerful incentive to pay what is owed, and to force a contractor to pay its subcontractors and vendors.

It also allows a contractor which prevails in a suit the ability to use the property for payment of the debt it is owed. The proceeds will be paid out of any sale, and the owner will not be able to obtain credit or financing without paying off the lien.

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