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Yeshiva Stolin Karlin, which is located on the Lakewood/ Jackson township border, has just been barraged with four separate lawsuits in connection with a school bus crash, FAA News has learned.

The civil complaints have all been filed in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County by Attorney Giovani Anzalone Esq. of Wilentz Goldman and Spitzer.

The complaints allege that on May 27, 2022, a Yeshiva Stolin Karlin bus driver was driving eastbound on East 7th Street towards Somerset Avenue, and collided into a vehicle that was parked roadside.

The first complaint was filed by Lakewood resident Diego Alavez-hernandez.

The second complaint was filed by Lakewood resident Antonio Hernandez-lopez.

The third complaint was filed by Lakewood resident Juan Hernandez-lopez.

The fourth complaint was filed by Lakewood resident Jose Hernandez.

All of the defendants were occupants of the parked vehicle.

"At said time, the bus driver negligently failed to properly maintain his vehicle, operated his vehicle in an unsafe and careless manner, failed to make adequate observations of traffic, was traveling at a speed in excess of road/traffic conditions, failed to yield to the right of way, failed to take evasive action, failed to maintain his lane of travel, and did so otherwise negligently operate and maintain his motor vehicle as to cause a collision.

"As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of defendants, the plaintiffs were seriously and permanently injured, will require further medical care, suffered great pain, which may continue for the remainder of their lives, and was and in the future will be prevented from attending to their normal business," the complaints allege.

The suits demand judgment for an unspecified amount of monetary damages and costs of suit.

Yeshiva Stolin Karlin has 35 days to answer the complaints.

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