The 30th legislative district, which includes Lakewood Township, was a staunch Republican block for many years. This included Assemblyman Ned Thomson who was a true friend to our community.

In last year's elections, Lakewood's Rabbi Avi Schnall entered the race to challenge Thomson.

Schnall, a Democrat and close confidante of Governor Phil Murphy - heavily supported by his campaign chairmen Lakewood Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and now-ousted Jackson Planning Board Chairman Tzvi Herman - heavily campaigned a "tuition relief" tax credit program which he vowed that he, and only he, would get passed once elected.

Schnall assured us all that "a deal was in place" among State leadership that we would get vouchers once Lakewood has Democratic representation.

This campaign caught on in Lakewood like wildfire, frenzying many to go out and vote for Schnall, who ultimately won by over 9,000 votes.

Soon after getting into office, Schnall introduced A-4144, the New Jersey Student Support Act, which would establish a tuition relief program.

After a mere couple of months, on Erev Yom Tov the bill was officially withdrawn from consideration in the Legislature.

The official reason given is that Senator Vin Gopal, a fellow Democrat who was the bill’s primary sponsor, withdrew his support due to heavy backlash from powerful unions across New Jersey and even across the country as well.

More likely though is that Gopal is simply covering up for Murphy who wasn't too interested in the bill landing up on his desk. Gopal was kind enough to move the pressure away from Murphy. One can only wonder what "gift" Gopal will receive in return for his little favor.

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Anonymous said...

It was a hoax from the beginning the Sheep will continue to vote for him anyway next time no promise them the Brooklyn Bridge

Anonymous said...

העיר שושן נבוכה

I wonder how their minds work.

When it came to Hatzulas Nefashos they complained that we need to trust only Hatzolah simply because they spent decades building support from state stakeholders blah blah blah and Hatzulas Nefashos are a bunch of kids zooming through town.

Somehow when it came to ousting a Republican who was a true friend to the community (think, Reb Osher Eisemann), then all a sudden they were very confident that we MUST trust the new kid on the block...


Anonymous said...

The entire town was fooled by askanim to vote for schnall as they lied about tuition
This is probably one of the largest cases of gneivass dass harabim

Anonymous said...

80% of Lakewood was duped because they are idiots (literally, look up the origin of the work).

Just as long as the governor can express to the gangstelach his opposition to me. Duh, now! I am fighting the state on behalf of your school district!

Any stupid retardo knows that the teachers will NEVER allow a voucher program. There are over 200,000 of us. My plan from 2010 to send frum public teachers to nonpublic schools is still the best idea and my colleagues will certainly not oppose because it is extra pay, and good pay.

Who cares and good riddance? The grand enterprise (that has now taken 10 years, I think I filed on June 14, 2014) blows away that idea, or for that matter, vouchers, bussing, public funding (even the $100 million of Covid federal grants) and anything that any of these peewee leaguers could ever imagine, and certainly would never got enacted. In fact, when it is all done, they are going to mess everything up because ultimately the formula that our public revenue will depend upon for the next century will be decided in the legislature, that is how these things work, and outside of the executive branch, these bums have ZERO political clout. They are uneducated, sixth grade dropouts, selfish hicks who don't understand the American way or NJ politics.

Yellow journalism said...

To call it massively assured is quite a stretch, if not an outright lie. While the campaign to vote for him did heavily advertise the tuition bill not once did they say it was guaranteed. In fact the ad with more information which was published specifically said it will be a long process and nothing is guaranteed. In my opinion the ads which were run blaming traffic on the 9 and the 88 on the state were much more egregious.

Anonymous said...

The Lakewood bully askanim who put schnall in office had nothing to do with tuition relief. The OU and teach NJ have been lobbying for it for the past 10 years, the Lakewood askanim used it to fool everyone into voting for schnall so they can put their boy in Trenton and get back favors from Trenton.

Anonymous said...

See previous comment Mr. Yellow Journalism. I am talking billions and all they care for is the questionable but legal $50,000 for this mosad, $30,000 for that. Then everything is compartmentalized. There is no leader where the buck stops.

"Hey everyone, here is billions dollars to stabilize our tax and public school infrastructure for 100 years. Otherwise, Lakewood will become a ghost town if the formula is not fixed. Golly, didn't your special township/BOE task force try the same in 2002 and your millionaire ripoff the public try three times to change the formula throught the courts." Not a one of them cared. And only 5,000 voters took our side. Sorry, but I don't need them and I don't need to have my own members of the BOE. I'm done with the district.

So, I can't say go jump in the lake because Ch. N. Simon 27, but you, previous commentator (for daring to comment after me) are just as bad. How is it possible that you do not know I lost my job of 21 years for wining the only T & E case in the state in 35 years?

How do you defend the assemblyman and his sponsors. And tell that interloper from NY, the nursing home big-shot, nothing lower in my opinion than owning a nursing without a medical degree, like being president of Shell Oil without a petroleum engineering degree, that he is worthless because all the cards are in my hands (colloquially, of course everything has been b'syata d'shmaya). How can you defend in any way whatsoever what they did last November, caving in to the governor to denounce one of their own yeshiva person and then hiding it from me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 10:12. My program in 2011 would have used already existing regulation under what we call "Option Two." More recently, the OU got tons of money to fund teachers in mosdos for STEM, which basically was my pla, but without needing new legislation. I found out though, that the gangstelach rejected the OU. BTW, when it was first passed, the Vaad wanted me to administer the program. I asked them, will I get a raise in the district. Answer, "No." Maybe if you build it up on your own we will promote you.

I already told them in November, to "Take this job and shove it. I ain't working here not more." (that is a song).