The Jackson Township Council is set today to vote to reappoint Moshe Heiman and Sheldon Hofstein to 4-year terms on the Township's Zoning Board.

All eyes are on Councilman Mordy Burnstein to see if he has forgotten history.

Hofstein is a former chairman of the Zoning Board.

However, in August 2019, Hofstein, along with then Zoning Board member Joseph Sullivan, and Planning Board member Richard Egan resigned from their positions after they attended a private meeting of CUPON, a group opposed to development.

As shown in the screenshots below, lawsuits filed by the U.S. Department of Justice, New Jersey Attorney General's Office, Agudath Israel of America and Jackson Trails all highlight prominently that "audio leaked of the trio instructing fellow attendees at a local CUPON meeting to keep their presence a secret, saying, “We’re not supposed to be here,” “We didn’t sign in,” and “we’re invisible" - indicating their acknowledgement that their attendance called into question their impartiality in hearing board applications.

Mordy Burnstein previously voted to appoint Egan to the Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority - indicating he has indeed forgotten history.

All eyes are on him tonight to see if he will forget history once again. 

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