In Republican Kentucky, abortions are banned in almost all circumstances except in cases when a pregnant women's life is in imminent danger of death or permanent injury.

Back in 2022, Lisa Sobel, Jessica Kalb and Sarah Baron, three reform and conservative Jewish mothers, filed a lawsuit seeking to challenge the pro-life law.

The group of mothers argued that the state's ban not only endangered their health but violated the religious freedoms of their reform and conservative Jewish faith which believes that life begins at birth, not conception.

On Friday evening, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Brian Edwards dismissed the lawsuit, saying the group of women lacked standing to bring the case as their "alleged injuries ... are speculative and hypothetical as none are currently pregnant or undergoing IVF at the present time."

The state's attorney general, Russell Coleman, applauded the ruling, commending the court for upholding Kentucky's laws.

“Most importantly, the Court eliminates any notion that access to IVF services in our Commonwealth is at risk. Today’s opinion is a welcome reassurance to the many Kentuckians seeking to become parents," Coleman wrote in a statement.

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