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In an attempt to maintain their dominance in the community's emergency medical services, leaders of the Lakewood establishment have issued a letter discouraging individuals from joining Hatzulas Nefashos, a rapidly growing EMS organization.

Since its inception two years ago, Hatzulas Nefashos now boasts a membership of approximately fifty, including five paramedics, and a fleet of eight ambulances.

Hatzulas Nefashos has transported 150 patients in the past three months alone, indicating recognition and acceptance within the community.

Seeing this impressive growth - which Central Jersey (CJ) Hatzolah feels threatens their exclusivity - CJ members have sought to undermine the new organization's progress by attempting to poach HN members to defect to their ranks.

These attempts have fallen flat.

In a new attempt to shut down HN, CJ members now got the establishment Rabbonim to sign this letter purporting to condemn new members from joining HN.

The number to call for emergencies only is 732-917-0000.

Applications to join the membership of Hatzulas Nefashos can be obtained by calling 732-408-3185 or by sending an email to

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daas torah said...

did they ever say why its dangerous

Anonymous said...

There was a cardinal sin that all of these signatures violated, that they must listen to both sides, one in front of the other, we understand that it was not done.

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, follow the money.

They are concerned it will cut into their fundraising.

By publicizing their Hatzolas Nefoshas gives them more credibility and it will cut into the fund raising.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the work you do but sometimes you are blinded by your hate for the “establishment”…

Anonymous said...

The Rabbanim are correct. If people to continue to have a free choice, and choose to call the new organization, it is a serious threat to the existing. The solution is to take away the free choice. Like everything Lakewood.

Anonymous said...

What does FAA stand for?

Anonymous said...

So my next heart attack I have to ask hatzola If they are endorsed by local rabbonim ?