A new low has occurred, FAA News has learned.

On Shabbos afternoon, Hatzulas Nefashos's emergency hotline received a shameful prank call from a Lakewood yungerman, who was apparently unconcerned with the massive Chillul Shabbos he caused for both him and the unwitting dispatcher.


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Anonymous said...

someone should file charges against these hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth do they not prosecute these animals.

So disgusting.

Amazing to me how Daas Torah allows going against the Torah for political reasons.

Tuna Bagel said...

I don't believe what FAA is trying to spin here. Instead, what's really going on is that hatzulas nefashos is getting bored souls to make prank calls to them, so they can then publicize those calls and make hock in order to draw attention to themselves.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it that the Jackson police department has placed a officer in jjva.s dispatch center. And will be tracing calls and pressing charges.

Shmuli said...

Although there seems to be no downside to having Hatzalas nefushos, can someone explain what the upside is and what's lacking with hatzala?

Heimish said...

Maybe now nothing. However when they started, Hatzalah didn't have enough coverage in Jackson and was unwilling to have the people who started this organization, join Hatzalah. So they started a different organization, and that woke Hatzalah up, perhaps too late.