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On May 24, the Jackson Township Council unanimously adopted an ordinance  regulating placement of dumpsters / construction containers (containers used for construction waste or debris).

The ordinance took effect 2 weeks ago.

The ordinance, 16-22, defines construction containers as a trailer, portable temporary container or portable container with or without axles and wheels used for storage of construction waste and/or debris.

The new law requires anyone who does construction on a property to submit an application to the Zoning Officer for the placement of the dumpster. The permit cost $25 and it will be issued for a 90 day limit. Up to 2 dumpsters may be placed at any residential property at one time. Commercial properties are permitted to have additional dumpsters.

The application must include a current survey of the property.

Containers are prohibited from being placed in the streets, public right-of-way, or on unimproved surfaces in the front yard of a property and may only be placed upon driveways, side yards and rear yards so long as such locations meet the requirements of the Township’s setback requirements. Any location containing a Construction Container must be paved, off-street at the farthest accessible point from the street and all must comply with the applicable minimum yard accessory structure setback requirements for any accessory structures in the zone in which the Construction Container is located.

If the property does not have a driveway or cannot meet the setback standards, the Zoning Officer may, as part of the permit approval process, approve the placement of a container in the front yard.  If such Construction Container is permitted to be placed in the front yard, same must be kept at the farthest accessible point from the street and the surrounding area must be maintained.

Construction Containers and the area surrounding a Construction Container shall be subject to all Township property maintenance standards. No Construction Container shall be allowed to remain outside in a state of disassembly or disrepair.


Any Construction Container placed in violation or which is not removed at the termination of the permit may receive a violation of up to $2,000 per day if the property owner does not abate the violation within 15 days.

Jackson Township's Council held a public hearing prior to adoption of this ordinance. No members of the public came forward to speak up.

Lakewood Township does not have a similar ordinance. All it has is a requirement for dumpsters to be kept closed, however that requirement is waived for temporary construction containers.

As seen in this picture, dumpsters are often placed on narrow roads, further exacerbating our parking shortage, traffic congestion, and limiting vision for drivers.

Should Lakewood's Township Committee also adopt an ordinance regulating placement of construction dumpsters?

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