Lakewood Township's Planning Board gets a standing ovation. They valiantly fought as much as they could against Application SD 2511, filed under the name Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah, (and fully owned by developer Sharon Dachs of Deerfield Holdings), which could add an additional 500 cars to the Cross and James Street traffic.

Ultimately, after an hour of strong presentations from the applicant who was represented by Attorney Adam Pfeffer and Engineer Brian Flannery, and from the objectors who were represented by Attorney Jan Meyer, the Board voted to carry the application to the November 15th public hearing as Mr. Meyer asked for an opportunity to cross-examine Rabbi Pruzansky.

Board Member Eli Rennert called this application "abuse of the 2018 Ordinance". 

Board Chairman Moshe Neiman agreed with that terminology and added that "the background of this application is too murky for us to vote on this application."

Chairman Neiman attempted to settle with Mr. Pfeffer to resubmit as an R-12 (single family homes on 12,000 sq feet lots). Mr. Pfeffer held his ground that "our application stands as submitted".

Board members questioned the good faith of the Education Campus application, wondering if Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah did actually ever plan on building the campus, and therefore, they asked for Rabbi Pruzansky to come and supply answers to the board.

In response, Mr. Pfeffer offered to supply a redacted version of the signed contract between Mr. Dachs and Rabbi Pruzansky showing that Rabbi Pruzansky did at one point really plan on building an Education Campus for a school.

Ultimately, the board directed Mr. Pfeffer to supply both - the contract, and Rabbi Pruzansky, at the continuation of the hearing which was then scheduled for November 15th.

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  1. Hi. Did they just approve the subdivision on independence ct? Did they approve a driveway to independence ct? I received the notice as i am a neighbor and it showed a driveway from james on the paperwork.

  2. Curiously, Board Member Justin Flancbaum was the quietest member tonight.

    Is that because he is good friends with Adam Pfeffer, or because Adam is both his personal attorney (on the sale of his home) and the MUA attorney (Justin is the Executive Director of the MUA)?

    Or perhaps, is it because Justin already moved out of Cross Street into Jackson and no longer cares how bad traffic gets in Lakewood??

    Legally, as a Class II member, Justin can still remain on the Planning Board, however, the residents of our own town deserve the proper respect from our own residents.

  3. Shlepping Rabbi Pruzansky in for some serious cross-examination will cause head aches for Dachs and his professionals, because Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah is only named on this application so that in return they could get some free land from Dachs for their own expansion.

    Prior to the FAA exposure, Rabbi Pruzansky had zero clue about this application, he simply signed all the papers that Dachs gave him.

    Now that the Board wants to question whether he "really planned to build an educational campus", things will get really sticky.

    It will super hilarious to see how Adam and Brian cook their way out of this situation.