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As previously reported here on FAA News (, Lakewood Township's Planning Board recently granted a developer a waiver from installing a sidewalk on an application at 1965 Swarthmore Avenue in the industrial park. 

As reported here on FAA News, this was a major deviation from the Board's policy since the beginning of 2020 when Mayor Ray Coles - who has a strong record on advocating for pedestrian safety - directed the Planning Board to stop granting sidewalk waivers on industrial park applications. (Due to the additional cost to providing sidewalks along the longe frontages, Mayor Coles stipulated that developers could install meandering asphalt walkways in lieu of concrete which is more expensive.)

The Planning Board now has a new opportunity to recommit itself to voting FOR pedestrian safety in the industrial park which is now home to numerous schools.

At this Tuesday night's public hearing, the Board is scheduled to consider Application SP 2479 for 1875 Swarthmore LLC for an expansion of an existing warehouse building.

There is currently no sidewalk along this property which is in the vicinity of the Park and Ride recently opened by the Lakewood Industrial Commission.

Will the Lakewood Planning Board take a stand this time and condition this approval on the installation of sidewalks as required by Township ordinance?? 

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