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The iconic Ramada Inn on Route 9 in Toms River will soon be converted to an office building, under a Change of Use plan recently approved by the Toms River Township's Planning Board.

Under the plan presented by attorney Harvey York on behalf of Westwood Two LLC, there will be no new construction or changes to the building footprint as the developer will just take the hotel portion, which is a long, narrow building with about 100 rooms, and convert those 100 rooms to 100 executive offices. The renovated offices will be leased to business owners.

A 52-unit extended stay portion of the hotel, as well as a banquet facility and restaurant on the site will continue to operate as they current do.

Engineer Brian Murphy testified that the developers will "update the look of the building,” saying, "it has an older look, and we’ll be investing a substantial amount of money into the site and making it much better looking than it is today."

Westwood Two LLC is owned by Lakewood resident Maurice Rosenberg, and he is the contract purchaser on the property, according to public records obtained by FAA News.

The Planning Board also recently approved construction of a new, three story, 88,434 sq foot office building just a few blocks down, at 2008 Lakewood Road.

The Board granted Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Approval for construction of the new office building along with a variance from the maximum building height requirement of which is 55 feet (Stair and Elevator Bulkhead), and the applicant proposed 57 feet.

The developers, Emerald 26, LLC, applied to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, back in March, for a CAFRA Individual Permit which is a prerequisite before they can commence construction.

And, yet another office building is on its way to the Route 9 corridor in Toms River as 2290 - 2298 Lakewood Rd LLC has just submitted a CAFRA Individual Permit to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Land Use Regulation for permission to construct an 11,360 SF office building with associated parking on Route 9 near North Maple Avenue.

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You’re being a little generous with the word “iconic”!