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The New Jersey Department of Transportation, the State agency which owns and maintains Route 9 in Lakewood, has installed a new left turning arrow for Route 9 southbound traffic turning onto Courtney Road. The new turning arrow went live today.

As part of this road maintenance project, DOT will soon also install left-turn arrows on the Route 9 approaches at 4th Street, 6th Street, and 9th Street. A left turning arrow will also be installed on the Route 9 approach at 2nd Street as part of DOT's major Route 9 intersection improvements project which is already underway in Toms River and is expected to make its way into Lakewood later this winter.

DOT has also approved a dedicated left-turn phase for Kennedy Blvd eastbound traffic turning left onto Route 9 (heading towards Howell Township). Despite lots of efforts by Lakewood Township officials for a left turning for westbound traffic as well, DOT advised Township officials that based on computerized modeling, "the addition of the kennedy boulevard eastbound left-turn phase will reduce delays to that approach, but will increase the delay on the westbound approach".

DOT will also be making some minor upgrades to the intersection of Route 9 and County Line Road (CR 526), including electrical components, new poles and signal heads, and concrete and pavement work. However, it will not include a dedicated left-turn phase for the County Line Road approaches.

Under a separate project, DOT will also install new traffic cameras which will be used by DOT Traffic Operations to monitor traffic and roadway conditions.

On June 16, 2021 DOT awarded two “Smart Moves” contracts which include cameras in Lakewood. Daidone Electric, Inc. won both contracts. 

The $7.7 million Smart Moves 2020 South Contract will be installing cameras at 21 locations and Dynamic Messaging System (DMS) boards in eight locations on state highways, including two cameras in Lakewood, one on Route 9 southbound at mile post 101.67 (appears to be at the 2nd Street intersection) and the other on Route 70 westbound at mile post 52.6 (appears to be at the Airport Road intersection).

The $5.99 million Smart Moves 2020 North Contract will be installing cameras at 16 locations and Dynamic Messaging System (DMS) boards in nine locations on state highways, including two cameras in Lakewood, on Route 9 at mile post 102.9 (appears to be at the Courtney Road intersection). One will look northbound and the other southbound.

This work is part of a major project to install numerous cameras statewide, and work on the entire project which began last summer, is anticipated to continue to take place over 3 years, so the exact schedule for installation of the cameras in Lakewood hasn’t been determined yet.

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ab said...

How do cameras help traffic? Who has access to the cameras?

Simcha Steinberg said...

DOT monitors them to determine if the snow needs to be plowed, and if roads need to be closed and detoured due to crashes.

Every time there is a storm, the governor holds his photo-op press conference in the building where they watch the cameras.