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Total Crashes 464

Fatalities 1

Pedestrian struck 14

Entrapment 2

Overturned vehicles 1

Vehicle into building 1

No injuries 335

Crashes with injuries 48

Hit and Run no injuries 49

Hit and Run with injuries 1

DWI no injuries 7

DWI with injuries 1

Police vehicles 4

September 1 - September 30

Total Crashes 464

Fatalities 1

Pedestrian struck 14

Overturned vehicles 4

Vehicle into building 1

No injuries 324

Crashes with injuries 61

Hit and Run no injuries 51

Hit and Run with injuries 0

DWI no injuries 5

DWI with injuries 2

DWI HR with injuries 0

Police vehicles 1

Total for 2022 to date

Total Crashes nearly 4,500

Fatalities 10

Pedestrian struck 117

That is an average of 2.7 pedestrians struck by vehicles each week, and 1 fatality every 5 weeks!

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Anonymous said...

just for perspective can you post these stats side by side of manhattans accidents?

Anonymous said...

I thought there were no more accidents in Lakewood since the Lakewood scoop said that they are down because of the police enforcement

Anonymous said...

This is fake news cuz the township says they fixed all traffic issues and the scoop said that accidents are down so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

People are getting killed and injured on lakewood roads but the committee guys are smiling for photo ops like nothing is going on.

Bring common sense back said...

The Committee isn’t just smiling for photo-ops. They’re also working hard to wreak more havoc on our roads with the recent ordinance they introduced. They are trying to legalize banquet halls all across our town, including residential areas, with barely any requirement for parking. That’ll sure make traffic much worse and drive up our accident numbers. So, here’s an idea.. How about they get some photo-ops at the crash sites?