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NewLines Engineering will not be awarded the Township Engineer or Airport Engineer contracts they submitted proposals for, however, at their annual reorganization meeting on Monday, the Township Committee is expected to appoint them to another position, FAA News has learned.

NewLines Engineering is expected to be awarded the position of planners for special projects. They will join Remington & Vernick Engineers, T&M Consultants, and Colliers Engineering DBA Maser Consultants who have held this position for the past number of years.

According to their Ownership Disclosure form, NewLines Engineering is owned by Joshua Shmuckler, Yehuda & Renee Ungar, Ephraim & Leah Steinberg, and Glenn Lines.

Currently located in Downtown Lakewood, NewLines has been in business for close to 7 years, obtaining many approvals from Lakewood's land use boards. They are a full service consulting firm which provides surveying, soils, wetlands identification, environmental permitting and civil site plans. They have close to 100 employees including 7 licensed professional engineers, 3 professional planners, 2 licensed professional surveyors, 3 certified wetlands scientists, and 8 survey crews.

Their Chief Engineer Glenn Lines was previously Lakewood Township Assistant Engineer (2000-2001) as well as Engineer (2002-2005), and he has over 30 years experience in civil engineering focusing on Municipal Engineering.

The "planners for special projects" award is not for a set contract amount, rather, each of the firms which are appointed to this position get paid for each individual project that the Township may appoint to them.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Woe unto us!

Newlines is infamous for all the shtick they pull. To have these people even considered for a job representing our town is a dark omen..