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Seems that a routine already very familiar in Lakewood is quietly - and quickly - now creeping its way into Jackson as well.

Due to the permissive zoning ordinances set by Lakewood's Township Committee, the land use boards are swift to continuously approve more and more over-development, leading to more and more traffic congestion on our already choked roadways, including the main corridors.

When residents complain that the over-development that the Township permits is what leads to choked roadways, Township officials hold up "clean hands" and blame all traffic problems on the county and state, saying that it's up to them to widen their roads. (By the way, a majority of our property taxes are paid to the Township and Board of Education, and only a minor portion of our taxes go to the County, who are the ones being blamed for not quickly enough widening our roadways).

Seems that this routine of approving land use projects and then blaming traffic congestion problems on the County has now crossed over into Jackson.

Just this week, community leaders urged residents not to oppose land use approvals for schools despite the increased traffic congestion on their corridors. Right afterwards, those very same community leaders urged residents to come out to a meeting with county officials to help urge the county officials to work on widening the roads!

It's worthy to note that County officials have, in recent years, appropriated millions of dollars to upgrade and add new traffic signals, widen intersections and roadways. As we have seen though, these projects - even when adequately funded - take many years to come to fruition, especially when the County is held back by prerequisite State permits and property owners who stall the right of way acquisition process.

Therefore, the numerous schools which are being approved now may very well be constructed in the next few years, while county projects to adequately widen the corridors - even if the county officials do actually agree to undertake such gigantic project - will take a lot more years to come to fruition.

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