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Township officials are considering purchasing drones to be used by the Township's Office of Emergency Management and its associated volunteer agencies.

The Lakewood Development Corporation today consented to spending $7-20,000 for such a project.

Township Manager Patrick Donnelly explained that the drones would be used for night time searches and the like.

The cost would include training numerous personnel, which is imperative as federal guidelines do not permit use of a drone without training.

Mr. Donnelly explained that the State allocated UEZ funds could be used for this project as the drones could also be used for extra security in the downtown UEZ area.

Mayor Ray Coles noted that a drone recently helped find a lost child.

UEZ Executive Director David Klein stated that there is currently $700,000 in unused State allocated funds for FY '22, and up to 25% of these funds may be used for police purposes.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Lakewood Township Committee recently formally recognized Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department, Lakewood  Volunteer First Aid, Hatzolah, Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, Local Search And Rescue, Bikur Cholim, and Misaskim as official partners with the Township Office of Emergency Management, so all of these agencies would now be eligible to receive UEZ funded training in using the drones.

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Mo. E said...

I have never heard of Lakewood local search and rescue.
Do they have a website or a phone number???
I have yet too see any trucks or buildings there insignia but there getting funding