Drivers and pedestrians alike tend to think that maintaining a grid is good for traffic flow as it provides multiple ways to get around to go from one place to another, and is especially helpful for getting around crashes, construction or a school zone.

Apparently, Lakewood's Township Committee is blissfully unaware of any traffic congestion in the Township as they appear to not see the benefit in maintaining a grid roadway system.

This Thursday, the Committee is scheduled to vote on final reading to vacate the public right of way of Grand Avenue between Vine Avenue and Vermont Avenue.

According to Township records, Congregation Birchas Chaim and Mesivta Nezar Hatorah, as the only owners fronting on this portion of Grand Avenue, have requested the road vacation.

Vine Avenue is currently a paved, corridor roadway in this area. Vermont Avenue is currently unpaved north of Essex Street.

However, as previously reported here on FAA News, Township officials are proposing to pave the dirt road portion of Vermont Avenue from Essex Street to Oak Street, and they have already submitted an application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for a Freshwater wetlands Letter of Interpretation (LOI) for the extension of this roadway.

Once this portion of Vermont Avenue is paved, Grand Avenue could provide an additional connection between Vine Avenue and Vermont Avenue.

However, apparently the Township Committee doesn't see any reason to maintain this grid.

Ordinance 2023-013, which is on schedule to be adopted on final reading, will "vacate, release and extinguish the rights and interests in this roadway as a public right of way."

Are you scratching your head and wondering what basis the Committee has for this vacation?

Simple! Per their Ordinance, the Committee has "determined" that this roadway is "unnecessary for public use," and that the road "lends itself to a higher and better use than for public road purposes and that it is in the best interest of the general public and the Township" to vacate the road.

The meeting will take place virtually and can be watched here at 5:30pm.

Members of the public who wish to comment on this proposed ordinance may do so via email up until 11:30 am on Thursday at or during the meeting via Please include your name and address for the record.

Members of the public may also comment live during the meeting (which begins at 5:30pm) on the phone by calling (408) 418-9388, Meeting ID# is 2634-502-0366. All participants will be muted upon entry but may participate by using the *3 key on the phone to raise your hand (this will alert the Township that you wish to speak during the meeting).

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Jake said...

I never heard of something so stupid!!
@Lakewood Township get your act together!