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Lakewood Township officials are looking to expand the Township's shuttle bus service, FAA News has learned.

Citing the service's continued use, the Lakewood Development Corporation yesterday consented to soliciting bids for an additional 1-5 buses.

Township Manager Patrick Donnelly stated that the buses have had over 100,000 riders over the past year or so, which is a sharp increase from back when the service first began.

LDC Board Member Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg noted that the buses are primarily used by women going shopping along with their children. He stated that the current buses were not designed to accommodate shopping carts and strollers. He suggested that the Township look to purchase buses with this design in mind.

Mr. Donnelly responded that they will definitely look for bigger buses with wider aisles, double doors, and ADA-compliant ramps.

The cost of the buses, as well as exactly how many buses the Township will actually acquire, will depend on the outcome of solicitation of bids.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the LDC has awarded an annual $75,000 to Lipa Klein of CARES for the Shuttle Bus Liaison position.

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Mendy said...

!כן ירבה וכן יפרוץ

My only concern is that after giving Mark Tress $300,000 to repaint the church building he bought for $4.1 million, the LDC may not have sufficient money left to buy these feste new buses.

Jake said...

@mendy lol
Seems like a good idea to reduce traffic, they should just make a better social media campaign as I don’t even know there schedule rates website etc..