Land clearing has begun off Route 37 in Manchester Township to make way for construction of a major residential complex with a total of 519 rental apartments.

The project is to be known as Presidential Gardens at Manchester LLC. The developer is Kenneth Pizzo.

Unlike many other rental apartments in the region, there is no age restriction on these planned apartments.

Having previously received approval from Manchester Township, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), just last month, the project received final approval from the Ocean County Planning Board.

The project was first presented to the Township Planning Board in 2012, represented by Attorney Harvey York, and it was at the time a conforming use application, with variances only needed on the placement of directional signs that do not comply with setback requirements.

Following this initial approval, the developers embarked on obtaining a Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) Individual Permit (Authorization) from NJDEP. This turned into a decade of haggling, including a denial and an appeal on the matter.

As previously reported here on FAA News, last Fall, the NJDEP has entered into a Settlement Agreement with the developer which included the granting of the key CAFRA Authorization for the construction of this project.

The complex would be located on the Southeast corner of the intersection of Route 37 and Colonial Drive, diagonally across from the Municipal Building.

The multi-family residential housing project is proposed to consist of 26 buildings providing 519 residential apartment units (largely 1- and 2-bedroom units, although to meet affordable housing regulations some units may possibly feature three bedrooms).

The complex also would feature amenities including a clubhouse, pool, and tot-lot and recreation area, and would service renters with 1,038 parking spaces.

In lieu of multiple trash dumpsters throughout the complex, there will be two large trash compactors on site. A private hauler would remove the trash periodically, at which time management would power-wash the area. (Some tenants may need to walk up to 800 feet from their building to reach the dumpsters. The management will provide valet service for a charge for those unable or unwilling to make the walk.)

The complex would make use of existing greenery for screening, and would include utilities and stormwater management facilities.

The complex's traffic flow was designed with numerous turns and stops, specifically to discourage motorists from using the complex as a cut-through as they travel down Route 37.

Following final approval by the Ocean County Planning Board of the planned project, site clearing recently began off Route 37.

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Anonymous said...

I have questions Is this going to be a senior community? Affordable and for low income residents and when can we fill out applications? Is there a trailer there for office?