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Jackson Township's Planning Board on Monday night approved the application of Jackson Cheder Boys School on a 12 acres site off Brewers Bridge Road, near the Flair neighborhood.

Per the Site Plan submitted to the Board, the 2-story elementary boys school building (with no basement) will contain a total floor area of 129,425 sq feet.

The architectural plans a total of 54 classrooms, 6 self contained classrooms, 36 tutor rooms, over 20 offices, a large warming kitchen, dining room, gym, davening room, and library.

The application documents indicate that the school capacity will be 1,350 students. Per Jackson Township's ordinance requirement of 1 parking space per 8 elementary school students, 169 parking spaces are required and 195 will be provided.

The application for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Approval conforms to the bulk requirements of the R-3 zoning district, and sought design waivers only with respect to: (i) minimum number of off-street loading areas; (ii) minimum curbed return radii dimensions in the parking areas; (iii) maximum number of proposed two-way access drives along Brewers Bridge Road; and (iv) minimum length of proposed sidewalk along Brewers Bridge Road frontage.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Lakewood Cheder recently obtained a $2.1 million mortgage to purchase this 12 acre site. The contract sale remains pending closing.

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