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Kerem Bais Yaakov, a new seminary opening in Lakewood for next year has just entered into a contract to purchase Nachlas Bais Yaakov's campus at 516 East County Line Road and 1 East 13th Street, FAA News has learned.

Nachlas, founded in 2015 by Rabbi Yanky Robinson, was previously located at 509 Joe Parker Road.

On August 31, 2018, Nachlas purchased 516 East County Line Road from Toras Imecha for $2,262,500.

Shortly afterwards, on October 23, 2018, Nachlas sold 509 Joe Parker Road to Talmud Torah Yesodei Hatorah for $695,000.

On October 13, 2021 Nachlas purchased 213 and 253 Newport Road from Mordechai Eichorn of Bellevue Estates for $4,175,000.

As previously reported here on FAA News, back in February 2023 Nachlas final secured Site Plan approval from Lakewood Planning Board for their new campus.

Originally the school sought to construct a three-story elementary school building with a basement and a banquet hall, a one-story high school building, and an additional 6,000 sq feet gymnasium building.

Due to heavy opposition from the neighbors to building such a large campus on their long and narrow roadway, the developers of the school scaled down their plan to construct just one single three-story school building with a finished basement which will contain a daycare for the children of the staff only (and no banquet hall).

The Planning Board stipulated that as a condition of their approval, this school will not be open - including no trailers - until the entire length of Newport Avenue from Cross Street to Bellevue Avenue is widened with at least base paving.

The Ocean County Planning Board has also granted the school contingent approval, with a condition that the Newport Road / Cross Street intersection also be widened prior to the opening of the new school.

In October 2022, initial plans were announced for the opening of Kerem Bais Yaakov under the leadership of Mrs. Yael Gellis.

Kerem Bais Yaakov has just entered into a contract to purchase Nachlas Bais Yaakov's campus at 516 East County Line Road and 1 East 13th Street.

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Avraham said...

This school is not suitable for the chosen street due to several reasons. First, the long and narrow nature of the roadway poses challenges in terms of accommodating the building.
The limited space and potential congestion issues could lead to traffic problems and difficulties for pedestrians, school busses, carpool days etc..
Additionally, the heavy opposition from the neighbors (which I am) shows a lack of community support and potential conflicts that may arise from constructing such a large campus in the area. Considering these factors, it would be prudent to explore other ideas that can better accommodate the school's needs while minimizing the impact on the surrounding residential neighborhood.

Tzippy T said...

Constructing another school on the street does not make any sense due to limited space and the existing strain placed on the residential street by other Yeshivas and schools. The addition of another school would further burden the road, exacerbating issues related to traffic, parking, and the narrow nature of the country road, potentially turning it into an overcrowded parking lot due to the increased number of buses and carpools.

Anonymous said...

Those that live in this neighborhood should just sell Lolol there’s more schools than people here. You already lost may as well give in

Anonymous said...

People using chat gbt to comment nowadays... lol

Anonymous said...

I’ve no words!
All these schools coming in and just destroying neighborhoods after $1,000s of dollars are spent on their homes if just gets destroyed!
Not only that but all the bachurim these days have no boundaries and just walk across my lawns, litter and just commit acts of arson and of course honk their hits and make a party at 2 am making the police come down and you have one big Chilul Hashem.
Why can’t all the surrounding towns find one huge property and dedicate it to yeshivas and schools?

001 said...

Here comes to show you all the corruption in this town.