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A minor resident of Presidential Estates, by and through his father, has just filed a lawsuit in Superior Court naming as defendants Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, and Sunoco Gas Station over a personal injury which occurred while riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in front of the Route 9 gas station, FAA News has learned.

The suit, filed by Jackson Attorney Matthew Borriello, Esq. of Levin Shea Pfeffer and Goldman, P.A., alleges that on or about May 9, 2022, at approximately 7:30pm, while riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in front of the Sunoco Gas Station at 741 River Avenue, the Plaintiff struck three large landscaping rocks which had shifted from the grass median onto the sidewalk, causing Plaintiff to lose control of the bicycle, fall, and fracture his wrist.

The Defendants Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, and Sunoco Gas Station, jointly and/or severally, owned, leased, operated, maintained, supervised, constructed, repaired, cleaned and/or otherwise controlled the sidewalk.

The Defendants, jointly and/or severally, were negligent, careless and/or reckless in the ownership, leasing, operation, maintenance, supervision, construction, repair, cleaning, and/or control of the sidewalk so as to cause the Plaintiff to fall.

As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of the Defendants, jointly and/or severally, the Plaintiff sustained temporary and permanent bodily injuries, endured and will endure great pain and suffering, and has been compelled to seek the services of physicians and other help in an attempt to cure himself of his said injuries.

As the parents have been compelled to and did expend various sums of money necessarily
required for medical attention and other services in an effort to cure said minor, the lawsuit demands judgment against the Defendants jointly and severally, for compensatory damages, interest and cost of suit, and any other relief as the court may deem proper.

The Township, County, State, and Sunoco will have 35 days from the day they are served to formulate an Answer to the Complaint.

The firm of Levin Shea Pfeffer and Goldman, P.A. also serves as the Municipal Prosecutor for the Township of Lakewood and General Counsel for the Lakewood Township Municipal Utilities Authority and Board of Fire Commissioners.

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1 comment:

Perel Goldstein said...

Everyone has a right to seek redress in the court system, especially for medical bills.

At the same time, it's more than a shtickel chutzpah that Levin Shea Pfeffer and Goldman which has multiple Lakewood taxpayer funded contracts agreed to file the suit.

It's even more of a chutzpah that they attempted to hide their representation by fronting the name of one of their lesser known attorneys, just so that the taxpayers of Lakewood should not make the connection to Adam Pfeffer and Ian Goldman.