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Jackson Township's Planning Board will continue consideration tonight of an application for 3 high schools on Farmingdale Road with Pfister Road.

The Board first heard initial testimony on the application on March 27. After several hours of testimony, the Board adjourned the application until July 17 to give time for the applicant to address some technical concerns the Board expressed.

Turns out that the Board was able to clear up their schedule sooner so the continued hearing was moved up to tonight.

The application was submitted by WB Ocean 26, LLC.

Each building which will have 2-stories plus a basement. Per the architectural plans submitted, the schools are anticipated to have a capacity of 522 students.

A total of 232 off-street parking spaces will be provided across the 3 separate driveways. This exceeds the 174 spaces required under Jackson's zoning ordinances which require 1 space per 3 high school students.

Each school driveway will have its own circular bus lane and loading/unloading area in front of each building.

It appears that sidewalk is proposed along the roadway frontage and around each of the school buildings.

Public records obtained by FAA News indicate that WB Ocean 26, LLC purchased the property in a 2017 foreclosure sale for $283,000.

At the March public hearing, numerous neighbors spoke up in opposition to the school application, citing concerns over traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and regarding the proposed septic system.

The Township's Environmental Commission, which is an advisory board, has issued a letter of concern regarding the applications proposed septic system. The school has not responded to the letter which was sent in November.

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