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Over the past month or so, Lakewood developer Yehuda Dachs has been busy closing on the sales of new homes in the up and coming Prospect Heights development.

Public records indicate that the sale prices for these duplexes went as high as $1,100,000 for a number of the units.

At the same time, seems that some of the bills to the contractors somehow remained unpaid.

On May 3, 2023, A to Z Site Contractors, which is now based in Jackson Township, served a Contractor's Lien in the amount of $192,874.22 on 36 new homes in the Prospect Heights development.

The lien was for unpaid site work, including earth work, excavation, and storm water and sewer service line installation.

The work was done pursuant to a contract agreement signed in October 2019. All of the work has already been completed.

The contractors gave Mr. Dachs 90 days notice of this unpaid bill prior to placing the lien.

Construction liens provide a potent remedy for contractors, subcontractors and vendors, who have not been paid for work they have properly performed.

The power to place a lien on property is a powerful tool to compel delinquent owners to ensure that payment is made.

A construction lien gives a contractor or subcontractor which did work, or a vendor which supplied goods, services or equipment, on a construction project an interest in the property.

It is generally difficult or impossible for owners to sell property when there is a construction lien. This gives owners a powerful incentive to pay what is owed, and to force a contractor to pay its subcontractors and vendors. 

It also allows a contractor which prevails in a suit the ability to use the property for payment of the debt it is owed. The proceeds will be paid out of any sale, and the owner will not be able to obtain credit or financing without paying off the lien.

In this case, there is good news to report - Yehuda Dachs has finally settled the unpaid $192,874.22, and A to Z Site Contractors has now discharged the lien. Attorney Adam Pfeffer Esq. diligently represented Mr. Dachs in his bill payment.

Yehuda Dachs graduated Beth Medrash Govoha in 1998. Since 2002 he has served as the executive director of the Lenox Group.

As previously reported here on FAA News, Mr. Dachs was sued by the Elmwood Village Homeowners Association.

The lawsuit alleged that as the developer of the adjacent Maplewoods development - with permission of Township officials - Mr. Dachs illegally used and damaged Elmwood's privately owned and maintained storm water management basin.

After months of diligent settlement talks, the Township and Dachs reached a settlement with the Elmwood Village Homeowners Association, who were represented by Attorney Yosef Jacobovitch Esq.

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