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The lot at the southeast corner of Trudy Lane and Blanche Street in Lakewood's Prospect Square development has long been vacant and used as a makeshift recreational area for the neighborhood children.

This lot has now been very quietly approved for housing development, FAA News has learned.

The Township's approval process was done administratively, with no notice to the neighbors and no public hearing. The matter was not even placed on any Planning Board public hearing agenda.

The owner of Lot 1 in Block 463 is David Holtz of Atzei Shitim LLC, 128 St. Nicholas Avenue, Lakewood.

Township employees granted administrative minor subdivision approval to subdivide the existing 10,000 square foot property into 2 new residential lots, for the construction of one duplex structure. Each unit will be provided 4 parking spaces.

Both Trudy Lane and Blanche Street are municipal roadways with a 50 foot wide right-of-way. Neither curb nor sidewalk are present along the property frontages.

The Subdivision map was just filed with the Ocean County Clerk, which signals that the shovels are getting ready, however, zoning permits have not yet been issued.

Public records indicate that David Holtz purchased the property from the Krupnick family on June 13, 2019 for $310,000, and that the Krupnick family purchased the property from the Karlin family on March 27, 2001 for $1,000.

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Anonymous said...

Once again the Township of Lakewood doesn’t consider existing residents. Over population, no infrastructure and shady dealings in the dark of night. Why didn’t they take to the public with notice? It makes me wonder!?

Anonymous said...

Why can't the township be reported to the state for corruption??