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Very unlike what occurred back in 2016, on Tuesday night, with zero opposition from any community members, it took only mere minutes for the Lakewood Planning Board to grant approval for an expansion of Rabbi Helberg's shul in Westgate.

The shul is currently located in a cramped basement. There is no room at all for any Ezras Noshim.

The new property, which is currently vacant, is located along the east side of Hillside Boulevard, approximately 100 feet north of Kingsfield Drive. The tract also has a small frontage along the northern side of Kingsfield Drive.

The Planning Board granted Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval for the construction of a one-story shul. The proposed building footprint will be approximately 4,400 sq feet in area. The architectural plans depict a 1,733 sq feet Bais Medrash, as well as a separate room for an Ezras Noshim.

The Site Plan depicts a two-way access driveway 24 feet wide, from Hillside Boulevard, leading to a parking area consisting of 17 spaces, including 1 ADA van accessible spot. 1 of the 17 spaces is indicated to be an electric vehicle charging space. The parking space will be the standard size of 9’ x 18’.

Other site improvements are proposed for the property, including paving, curb, sidewalk, drainage, utilities, lighting, and landscaping. 

A sidewalk connection between the street and building will be added.

Potable water is under the east side of the street. A 20 foot wide utility easement in the rear of the tract contains sanitary sewer that runs through the site and connects to an existing system within Kingsfield Drive. Underground electric is also present.

Back in 2016, community members retained Attorney Ron Gasiorowski Esq. to oppose the shul's expansion application, and the Planning Board's public hearing was extremely heated.

The 2016 meeting video can be watched here on FAA News. This shul application began at approximately 1:14:00.

Attorney Miriam Weinstein Esq. representing the shul, told the Board tonight that the community members have now settled their differences, and have compromised with a smaller size shul.

There were many shul members in attendance of tonight's public hearing. No members of the public opposed the application.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This does not look like a compromise for a smaller shul,sadly they had no choice and were forced to a reduced version and this is all part of the churban bais hamikdash may it be rebuilt speedily