Breslov Shul has just entered into a contract to purchase a site on County Line Road near Somerset Avenue for a future shul building, FAA News has learned.

Breslov currently has a minyan in a child care center building on County Line Road near Somerset Avenue.

The shul has just entered into a contract to purchase an adjoining lot. The contract sellers are Chaim D. and Estee Schreiber.

As previously reported here on FAA News, back in February 2023, the shul obtained subdivision approval from Lakewood Township's Planning Board to realign lot lines to create the subdivision necessary to purchase this parcel.

As part of that application, the Board approved numerous variances which permitted the shul to purchase an undersized lot.

The Board approved variances of minimum lot area; 10,914.10 sq feet where 12,000 sq feet is required; as well as for minimum lot width of 70.28 feet where 90 feet is required; minimum front setback of 20.76 feet where 30 feet is required; minimum side setback of 2.67 feet where 10 feet is required; and aggregate setback is 6.32 feet where 25 feet is required.

The shul will still be required to present a Site Plan to the Board. The Subdivision approval did not include any parking variances so that will need to be addressed during Site Plan review.

Curb and sidewalk exist along the project’s East County Line Road and Cabinfield Circle frontages. Utilities are available nearby. Colonial street lighting exists.

In accordance with the County Master Plan, the shul is required to provide a right-of-way dedication to Ocean County to bring the half right-of-way width to 43 feet.

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