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Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance, which has been laying the groundwork for a new volunteer ambulance corps serving the entire Jackson Community with future plans to expand into the greater Ocean County Community area, has already lined up 25 new members, FAA News has learned.

The number to call for emergencies only is (732) 917-0000.

The service is not yet live, as they are still putting on the final touches, with service expected to go live soon.

With a fleet of 4 state-of-the-art Ambulances and 2 first responder vehicles with the latest medical equipment, Jackson's Hatzolas Nefashos aims to handle medical and other emergency situations, including rescues.

True to its name - Hatzolas Nefashos - their criteria for qualification is highly trained EMTs and experienced who are able to provide life-saving care on the scene and during transport to the hospital.

This criteria is key for the "Hatzolas Nefashos" the organization aims to do.

No politics, no internal fighting, no "we're better than you," simply "highly trained and experienced EMTs who are able to provide life-saving care on the scene and during transport to the hospital."

True to their name "Hatzolas Nefashos!"

JJVA will provide medical transportation to those in need. When every second counts, and a fast response time needs to be ensured, JJVA will respond to any type of emergency, from car accidents and heart attacks to falls and strokes.

Additionally, JJVA will also provide non-emergency medical transportation, such as transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and dialysis.

In addition, as a true community organization, JJVA plans to hold frequent community-wide awareness programs in order to promote proper safety habits.

Applications to join JJVA are available here.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to find out who the rav backing them is, because I don't know if any of you remember, but in both toms river AND Jackson had meetings where the local rabonim of each town got together (separately no shaychis to the other) to discuss creating their own hatzolah (hatzolah toms river, and hatzolah jackson)
And both of them determined that having separate organizations in each town when the towns are so close together would be more detrimental than good, and it's better to have 1 organization with *1* *CENTRAL* *DISPATCH* for all the towns together
(A relatively short time after those meeting is when hatzolah transitioned from hatzolah Lakewood, to hatzolah of central jersey)

Wanna know for legit reasons said...

Do the actually have a rabinic backing? And if yes who?
(And don't claim "they are hiding their identity not to get harrased" because we all know that's bs

Anonymous said...

lol, I can imagine all the prank calls they’ll get.
That’s the best case scenario of Jackson hatzaloh.

Anonymous said...

I find your statement interesting, do you have minutes of those meetings?
BTW in new york they can have boro park near flatbush or canarsie near flatbush and everything is running in Hormany

Anonymous said...

In Brooklyn it’s all one central hatzaloh with different divisions, if CJH would make a Toms River, south Lakewood, Jackson, Howell etc divisions then it makes sense.
Now all you’ll get is people calling both and it will be chaotic.
Another point to ponder is CJH has ALS & medics, not sure if Jackson hatzulah has.
One last point to ponder is let’s say someone calls “Jackson “Hatzaloh” for a heart attack and the closest member is 15 minutes away, while possibly CJH has a member two minutes away. Would they call them..??..

Anonymous said...

Please don't refer to them as Jackson Hatzolah". Jackson is served by Hatzolah Central Jersey" just like Toms river, Lakewood , Howell, Etc. There is no "Jackson Hatzolah". This guy opened up "Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance". He is not allowed to use them name Hatzolah.

Anonymous said...

To anon in Brooklyn
Let me pose your question in reverse if CJH gets a call in Jackson will they call hatzalos nefoshos if they’re closer??if cjh is really focused on saving lives lesheym shomayim then they’d call hatzalos nefoshos and that’s the big question here if they’re only purpose is saving lives let others join your organization instead of running an exclusive boys club
Until CJH will open up enrollment and stop their exclusivity by turning down well trained volunteers they’re inviting other communities to follow suit and open their own organizations
CJH brought this upon themselves and now when someone with $$$$$ stepped up and stood up to them they’re going around town with this canned announcement on all websites and running around to all the rabbunim to sign a Kol korah against the new organization too late and perhaps the old adage will actually help the public as “competition always benefits the consumer”
In NY by the way each community has their own chain of command and accepts its own members not like here in CJH where the Lkwd knokers and hockers choose who joins in Toms River or Jackson or Manchester nj

Anonymous said...

I B”H so far don’t need the services of both these organizations. But I see no issue with having more options available should one c”v need it.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbanim of Toms River actually were in support of their own division under the auspices of CJ, but one Rav - who is on the CJ Payroll, stood up and vigorously threatened all the Rabbanim at the meeting, and so they were unwilling to make a fight at that time.
In Jackson, the Rabbanim were split, with those not originially from Lakewood for a separate organization, while those with BMG allegiance were ok with following the CJ suggestion. They brought in Avi Schnall to threaten any Rabbanim that were for a split.
There were Jackson members that live in far out neighborhoods that were taken in for that reason, but then were pressured to meet a call quota, and they were forced to fly to Lakewood to take calls, or hang around Lakewood and take calls. This pressure forced quite a few to quit.
Other neighborhoods have different needs, and CJ is not taking them into account.
The fact remains, that one central cannot keep up with the growth. What is needed is the NYC Model where every neighborhood is self controlled, but jointly part of a central org.

Anonymous said...

They shall make like NY Hatzolah; each one is governed by their local Division, but the call goes out from central command.

Anonymous said...

I remember that Central Jersey (formerly Lakewood Hatzolah) had NO paramedics when they began. They only got them a few years and thousands of calls later.

Let's call it by the correct name, Politics, or as Reb Leib Shteinman called it גאוה, גאוה.

Or is it the Lakewood style aka "power", nebech?

Anonymous said...

At the Central Jersey Hatzolah meeting, Captain Bauman representing Hatzolah told the Jackson group we can't provide the service you need "start your own squad".