Lakewood Board of Education members Ada Gonzalez, Moshe Raitzik, and Eliyahu Greenwald who are seeking reelection to additional three-year terms, are all facing challenges.

Avrohom Schubert, Eli Eisenbach, and Yoni Morgenstern are running together under the slogan "Fixing the Formula."

Rabbi Yehuda Shain is running under the slogan "Accountability and Transparency."

The incumbents did not file a slogan.

School board members do not receive a salary to serve.

R' Aron Lang, a veteran teacher who has selflessly expended many efforts on behalf of funding for bussing for all of Lakewood's students - and whose efforts have, oddly, been rebuffed by the current Board of Education - had called for new candidates to run for the positions.

"The BOE is supposed to oversee those whom they pay. In Lakewood, someone they pay oversees the BOE," stated R' Lang.

In Manchester Township, a total of 9 candidates have filed to fill 3 seats on the Board.

Laura Wingler (an incumbent), Timothy Poss, and Gloria E. Adkinson are running under the slogan "Putting Kids First."

Samuel M. Carollo is running under the slogan "Students First - Always!"

Gina Georgiano (an incumbent) and Bozena Czekalski are running under the slogan "Better For Manchester."

Samuel Schiff, Chaim M. Tarkieltaub, and Joseph M. Friedman are running under the slogan "Education for All."

In Toms River, 5 candidates are vying for 3 seats.

James Capone and LeRoy J. Marshall have filed under the slogan "For The Students."

Diane Oxley, Paola Pascarella, and Ashley Lamb have filed with no slogan.

Election day is on Tuesday, November 7. Polls open 6am - 8pm.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can take the first step now by registering here to vote. All it takes is one minute!

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Anonymous said...

Attorney Inzelbuch said he hopes Shain gets in, cause he's a no nonsense person and we will get more items accomplished, Great news.