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Yeshivas Ohr Hatorah, which is located at 780 Vassar Avenue, received approval tonight from Lakewood Township's Planning Board for the construction of a gymnasium, to be an accessory use to the existing school.

Attorney Miriam Weinstein Esq. told the Board that the yeshiva is growing by leaps and bounds, with a current enrollment of 880 elementary boys, and their only recreational area is an outdoor basketball court which is not conducive to be used in inclement weather.

Engineer Yehuda Back of Newlines Engineering testified that the new gym will be a 60’ X 107’ separate standalone building to the northwest of the existing school building. The proposed floor area is 6,420 sq feet.

Curbing and sidewalk exists along the frontage of Vassar Avenue.

The existing off-street parking area contains 73 spaces and room for 6 buses. No new off-street parking is proposed with the gym application.

The Board noted that the yeshiva has obtained a Site Plan Exemption approval to construct a kitchen addition to the school building. The Board therefore stipulated that this gym is restricted from being rented out for simchos.

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