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Shimie Weiss was administered the oath of office tonight, joining the membership of the Lakewood Planning Board.

Mr. Weiss is replacing Shlomo Pichey who just resigned from the Board, saying he didn't have sufficient time to give to the Board.

Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller appointed Shimie Weiss, a chassidish guy who recently moved from Brooklyn to Lakewood to manage CHEMED Health Center's new southern facility at 1171 River Avenue.

Deputy Mayor Miller is also employed at CHEMED.

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Common sense said...

I guess he will follow what the swamp asks of him, as his day job would be at risk. What qualifications does he have?
If he just moved, he probably has no clue what would be appropriate.
Menashe Miller is the poster child for term limits, he does nothing for the public interest, it's only self interest with him.

Anonymous said...

Why is our committee so scared to publish a public advertisement requesting residents to apply to the planning board? Why does Menashe the Abolisher have to choose a literal newcomer, which understands diddly squat about how our town operates, to make critical decisions which will affect our vital infrastructure? It should not be okay to give this important position to a new kid on the block whose only qualification is that he works for Miller at Chemed.

This shameful behavior has to stop already!

ab said...

It will only stop if he's voted out, which won't happen anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Is new member living in Lakewood