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Neighbors of Congregation Talmud Torah Toras Yechiel's proposed site on Oak Street have retained Teaneck Attorney Jan Meyer Esq. to represent their opposition to the yeshiva's application, FAA News has learned.

Back in 2017, the Board granted minor subdivision and major site plan approval to Zichron Chaim, Inc for construction of their yeshiva on New Hampshire Avenue south of Oak Street.

The site plan has been constructed, however, apparently the subdivision was never perfected and filed, and by now it has lapsed.

Congregation Talmud Torah Toras Yechiel is now reapplying for the same minor subdivision approval already granted to Zichron Chaim. (Likely they will return to the Board for a future site plan application on the Oak Street portion of the parcel, as shown below):

The application is represented by Attorney Miriam Weinstein Esq. and Engineer Joseph Couciba of KBA Engineering Services LLC.

Ahead of tonight's planned public hearing of the application, Mr. Meyer wrote to the Board:

Please advised that this letter is addressing a threshold issue related to the application.

Our client objects to the request of the applicant to rely on a prior application that took place more than 5 years ago. Quite a lot has changed as to the conditions in or around the relevant property as well as the use is also changed. We ask the Board to assure that full and complete testimony of the applicant be brought before the Board before any determination can be made by the Board on this application.

Moreover, the retention of my services may necessitate allowing me to bring my Licensed Planner and Engineer to further testify in support of my clients.

Subsequently, Mr. Couciba asked the Board to adjourn the hearing as he "has a conflict tonight with a meeting in another town."

The Board consented to adjourn the application to October 24.

This is not the first exciting episode regarding this application.

As previously reported here on FAA News, this application was permitted to be put on the Board's agenda despite that the Certificate of Ownership of Applicant was submitted blank.

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