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Tiferes Chaya tonight received initial approval from Lakewood Township's Planning Board for a future expansion.

Tiferes Chaya girls school is located at 431 Joe Parker Road, on the east side of Joe Parker Road, south of Long Beach Avenue.

The school is planning to purchase 31,856.03 square feet from their neighboring property owners, Simon and Chaya Kaufman. This purchase will be 4,064.30 square feet from the rear of one existing lot and 27,791.73 square feet from the back of a second existing lot.

After this acquisition, the school property would be increased to nearly 3 acres in area.

The Planning Board tonight approved a minor subdivision application to enable this land purchase.

The application was represented by Attorney Miriam Weinstein Esq. and Engineer Yehuda Back of Newlines Engineering.

Mrs. Weinstein told the Board that the school is purchasing the additional land with plans for a future expansion project, and for the time being the area will be used for a recreational play area.

There is curbing and sidewalk in front of the school tract, however, there is no curbing and sidewalk along the street frontage of the residential lots.

The Minor Subdivision did not require any bulk variances. However, the application did seek design waivers from providing curb, sidewalk, and from planting street trees along Joe Parker Road.

Mr. Back attempted to claim that installing sidewalks on County owned roads now is a "bad idea" as the County will likely want the sidewalk to be relocated at some point in the future.

The Board was not persuaded and approved the application but without the requested design waivers.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Classic NewLines, trying to sneak away from providing sidewalk!

When will these developers learn that we need sidewalk??

We do not want to hear about their design waivers.