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A recent article posted on Lakewood Alerts strongly questions why a Jackson Councilman would oppose a $4 million tax increase.

Apparently, in this heated election season, Lakewood Alerts has even stooped down to publishing articles in favor of increasing taxes, calling out those who "dare" to oppose increasing taxes!

On the election ballot for the upcoming general election, Jackson Township residents will be asked to approve or deny a $4,035,000 tax increase for the public schools.

Township officials estimate that the average homeowner's annual property tax bill would increase $96 if this tax increase is approved.

School officials stated that, if approved by the voters, the tax increase would become permanent.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Jackson School District invited the public to a public forum to learn more about the proposed tax increase.

At a Township Council meeting prior to the public forum, Councilman Nino Borelli announced the details of the public forum. He added that he is personally opposed to the proposed tax increase.

Curiously, an article on Lakewood Alerts called out Borelli for stating his personal opinion on the matter.

The article opens up, "as Jackson residents like myself prepare to go to the polls and vote on a special question on whether to raise our taxes to help fund our school district, I am left wondering why Councilman Nino Borelli thinks he should have a say in the matter."

The article highlights that "Borelli has taken a firm stance in opposition to it," in that he spoke out against the proposal "at least twice."

The article bemoans that "Borelli is a firm “no” on... the taxes," and that "apparently, he’s concerned about nothing but making sure his tax bill is as low as possible."


How shocking!

What a scandal!

Why in the world would a Township Councilman oppose increased taxes? That is so completely out of line! #sarcasm

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That’s pretty ridiculous