As previously reported here on FAA News, Lakewood Township officials have been conceptually discussing a project to help promote local businesses through videos and social media.

At last month's monthly meeting of the Lakewood Development Corporation Board of Trustees, Executive Director David Klein discussed the possibility of using UEZ funds to make promotional videos highlighting local successful businesses.

It would be a win-win for the Township as the local business owners would in turn showcase how UEZ incentives permitted economic expansion of their business, Mr. Klein stated.

Mr. Klein added that he received preliminary quotes of hourly rates of $200-250 for the cost of creating and editing the videos.

LDC Board Member Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg asked how the videos would be disseminated. Mr. Klein responded that he would post them on the LDC's website and send them out to their email list. He added that the LDC has currently inactive social media accounts which can be rejuvenated and used to broadcast these promotional videos.

Rabbi Weisberg stated that he liked the idea and perhaps the videos should also be used to promote the UEZ's current incentives including loans and grants. He suggested that the videos can also be shown at the LDC's business networking events.

Rabbi Weisberg added that "we need to brainstorm to figure out what outcome we would be hoping for."

At this month's monthly meeting of the Lakewood Development Corporation Board of Trustees on Tuesday, the Board formally advanced plans by approving to expend $50,000 of UEZ funds for this project.

As all projects funded with UEZ money, the project will require approval from the Township Committee and the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority. The LDC took the first step by adopting Resolution 23-10-1 authorizing submission of the application to the state.

The Resolution states:

WHEREAS, to highlight and promote the successes of the Lakewood Enterprise Zone, the Lakewood Development Corporation hereby desires to create a project to fund the expenses associated with projects and activities that will lead to increased economic activity or encourage private investment and job creation; and 

WHEREAS, the Lakewood Development Corporation will engage professionals to produce media in the form video, digital, print and all other forms of media to achieve the desired result of promoting the Lakewood UEZ.

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Anonymous said...

Another kickback to a chasidish guy. There is a guy that already does this and posts videos on websites and his social media. I bet he "wins" the contract.