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In all of just 7 minutes, yet another large warehouse/ office building was approved this week by the Lakewood Township Planning Board.

1501 Prospect Street LLC, which is owned by Jonathan Rubin of Modani Properties, submitted Application # SP-2533 to the Planning Board for Site Plan approval to construct a 139,358 sq foot multi-unit warehouse and office building at the 6.38 acres site at 1501 Prospect Street, the existing Cambridge Pavers site.

The site currently contains multiple existing buildings, trailers, a pool, a large gravel driveway, and a parking area. The existing site improvements will be removed and make way for a roughly rectangular 210’ x 530’ building.

The first floor and mezzanine will be utilized for warehouse space. The second floor will be utilized as the office space. Architectural plans depict that 12 separate warehouse units are proposed.

The coolest part is that only 149 off-street parking are proposed. This magic number was purposely coordinated in order to sneak away from the requirement to obtain a CAFRA Permit for parking lots with 150 or more parking spaces. Ten electric vehicle spaces are proposed.

Proposed access to the site consists of two, two-way, full movement driveways from Prospect Street.

Loading docks and ramps are proposed on the east side of the site for trucks.

No curb or sidewalk exists along the Prospect Street frontage, but both are proposed with this application. Utilities exist within the right-of-way of Prospect Street. 

Prospect Street will be widened to a half pavement width of twenty-six feet with curbing and sidewalk proposed.

The application did propose a front yard setback variance, however, with approval from the Lakewood Industrial Commission, no further approval is required from the Planning Board.

Accordingly, this application is fully conforming and variance-free.

The application only sought design waiver for maximum driveway width, street trees (which they agreed to provide in accordance with any recommendations from the Board Engineer), and buffer (for which, Brian Flannery said, "we aren't asking for anything substantial").

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